About Our Board

Our Board

Live Theatrical Entertainment For Northern Colorado.

A Board For a Successful Mission

As a volunteer powered organization, our board members serve multiple roles in keeping our endeavors successful and mission realized to bring quality musical theatre productions and opportunities to children and families in our community. Whole board meetings are held the second Tuesday of every other month to make decisions and formulate new ideas. Additional sub-committee meetings such as fund-raising, outreach programs, summer workshops, artistic advisory, and marketing are held as needed.

It takes a village to keep our three “stages” of productions going; Main Fall productions, summer workshops, and outreach programs. Each of our board members bring a welcome skill to the organization, whether it’s a background in theatre, or education, or business, but most of all a passion for children and theatre.

If you would be interested in learning more or participating as a board member, send us an email via the contact page and your question will be directed to the right member!

Board Members

  • Vince Lubenow – Retiring President, fund raising chair
  • Stephen Gillespie – Incoming President, Production crew support, marketing chair
  • Patricia Ridge – Treasurer, production support, lobby sales
  • Terri Alles-Thorburn – Secretary, grant writer, production crew, scholarship coordinator
  • Karen Christophersen – Fall production manager, advisory committee, outreach facilitator
  • Eleanor VanDeusen – Grant writer, choreographer, fall program facilitator, advisory committee
  • Heather Beller – PBJR summer program manager, summer workshop committee
  • Lynn Bogner – Assistant marketing coordinator, summer workshop and advisory committees
  • Karen Hammann – Production crew support, summer workshop committee
  • Sandy Klug – Artistic advisory committee, fund-raising committee, lobby sales/display

Friends of the Board

  • Nadine Sheafor – Artistic advisory committee, costume consultant and crew