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SpongeBob auditions are tentatively set for August 17 and 18!

Below are general audition details, watch this space for more specifics to come!


Thanks for your interest! We cast adults and some children (age 11 and older) actors! There are fabulous roles for various ages and types,  and this year, we will be casting about 20 people, both featured and ensemble roles, which are always very active and important! 


* Please note that all acting roles are unpaid 



Production Dates: (Make sure you are available for all of these!)
Friday, November 15 @ 10a (special performance for school groups)
Friday, November 15@, 7p
Saturday, November 16 @ 2p
Saturday, November 16 @ 7p
Sunday, November 17 @ 2p


Callbacks Sunday, August 18th.

What is Required?

Filling out our Google form is required for your audition; watch this space in early July to find that form to sign up! After choosing an hour time slot, you will be assigned to a 20-minute time slot within that hour, along with 3 or 4 other auditioners in that same time slot, but you will be called individually to audition. An email confirmation will be sent by early August.

Resume and Headshot

Please list experience in theatre, music, dance, and education on a one-page separate form, and bring a printed copy with a headshot or photo of yourself to give to the directors when you are called into your audition.

Please make yourself available for callbacks on Sunday, August 18th – time to be determined. If you are called back, you will learn dance steps, sing excerpts from the show and possibly read scenes from the script if you are called back for featured roles. Callbacks will be announced online or via group email after 6 pm on Saturday, August 19. Casting decisions will be made during the week following auditions, and you will be contacted sometime that week.

Audition/Rehearsal Location

Auditions are at the Backstage Collaborative Warehouse: 720 East Vine Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80524. Rehearsals are also there; the general schedule is Monday - Thursday, 6:30 to 9:30, starting Sept. 5, with a cast meeting read-through. A specific schedule will be created after the show is cast; the days you need to be there will be based on your role. If required, a weekend rehearsal may be added, and a "Sitz Probe" rehearsal with the Orchestra will be on a Saturday in early November.

Musical Audition:

For your musical audition, please prepare ONE song, 16-32 bars in length (30 seconds), in the show's style.

Please bring sheet music in the appropriate key with cuts marked. An accompanist is provided; please do not bring CD tracks or a cappella. Songs from the show are not required but acceptable. Some singers may be asked to demonstrate their vocal range through basic vocal exercises.

Speaking audition:
It would be best to prepare a one-minute or less comedic or contemporary monologue from a published play. Show character and strong choices with your monologue piece.

Bring clothing and shoes for movement if you are asked to come for call-backs

For questions about the audition process and roles, please get in touch with Karen Christophersen at

Background Checks
Fort Collins Children’s Theatre (FCCT) has begun implementing a background check policy for all volunteers, cast, and staff 18 years of age and older, effective May 1, 2019.

If you are cast, we will require a background check.

Why did we decide to do this?
-For the safety of children entrusted to our organization during their time with us.
-To provide a way for FCCT to ensure we hire employees and obtain volunteers with children’s best interests in mind.
-To abide by guidelines that are already in place at theatre companies all over the country.

We are looking for only a few key things when we run your background check:

-Have you been convicted of any felonies relating to weapons or harming others?
-Have you been charged with any crime related to inappropriate behavior with children?






















Sandy Cheeks - Mezzo-Soprano, Alto

Eugene Krabs - Baritone

Patrick Star-  Tenor

Sheldon Plankton  - Tenor

SpongeBob SquarePants   -Tenor

Squidward Q. Tentacles  - Tenor

Karen the Computer    - Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto

Pearl Krabs  - Mezzo-Soprano

Mayor of Bikini Bottom  - Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto

Perch Perkins  - Bass


Ensemble Roles: These 15 characters could also play about 25 more.

(plus, the mayor and Perch could potentially take on another role)

Patchy the Pirate   Baritone

Electric Skates(3)  Tenor, Baritone, Bass

French Narrator  Spoken

Sardines(3-5)   Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass

Security Guards(2)   Spoken

Old Man Jenkins  Tenor, Baritone, Bass

Mrs. Puff    Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto

Gary the Snail  ( Puppet) Spoken by Larry

BFF Letters    Ensemble Silent

Larry the Lobster   Tenor, Baritone, Bass

ENSEMBLE ROLES, with lots of doubling:

Undersea Creatures 

2 Hip-Hop Dancers
2 Mob Fish
2 or 3 Teen Fans 
A Chorus of Sponges
A Krabby Patty Fish
Buster Bluetang
Cowboy Fish
Girl Fish Trio 
Johnny the Bartender
Plankton's Backup Dancers 
Sea Anemones 

The Conductor (who hands off and receives a whole slew of props)
The Foley Artist Fish is a staged role that produces all sound effects specified in the script and score using percussion instruments, triggered digital effects, and other creative soundmakers. 

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