Coming March 10 -12, 2022

Bas Bleu Theatre


Auditions Saturday, January 22

Mark your calendars and check out the audition form for details! https://forms.gle/jeuAJz3egbyLfkKB7


Sweet, smart, and tuneful, this beguiling, one-act charmer appeals to audiences of all ages!


Dear Edwina is a heartwarming musical about the joys of growing up. The show's heroine is an advice-giver extraordinaire, like a spunky, singing version of Dear Abby!

Teenager Edwina Spoonapple would do just about anything to be a part of the Kalamazoo Advice-a-Palooza Festival. While her siblings both have proof of their accomplishments, poor Edwina has nothing. When a talent scout from the convention visits her hometown, she trots out her musical advice, giving shows live from the family garage in hopes of finding her place in the spotlight. She is assisted by her older siblings, quirky friends, and neighbors. Together, they set out to tackle the world's problems in number after hysterical, number about everything from birthday party etiquette to proper table settings.


January 24 to February 12 - Monday/Wednesday evenings, 6:30 to 9:30 and Saturdays (time to be determined) February 14 to March 3 Monday through Thursday evenings, 6:30 to 9:30March 7 - 9 - Set in and rehearsals at Bas Bleu, 5:30 to 9:30


Audition/Rehearsal Location
Auditions are located at the Backstage Collaborative Warehouse: 720 East Vine Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80524
Rehearsals are here as well, starting Monday, January 24th. A specific schedule will be created after the show is cast, the days you need to be there will be based on your role, but this is what we have reserved:


What is Required for auditions?

Musical Audition:
For your musical audition, please prepare: One song, 16-32 bars in length, (30 seconds) in the style of the show.
Since this show will not have a live orchestra, you may bring CD or electronic accompaniment, or we will have a keyboard if you prefer to bring sheet music with your excerpt, well marked for an accompanist.
Some singers may be asked to demonstrate their vocal range through basic vocal exercises with keyboard accompaniment.
* You may remove your mask to sing if you wish, standing 12 feet from the directors, or if you prefer, you may leave your mask on.

Dance/movement Audition:
After your song, or while you wait for your turn to sing, you'll be learning/practicing a few dance steps to perform as a group in the studio for the last 10 to 15 minutes of the hour, after all the songs have been sung. Another chance to show your exuberance and style through movement!
* You may want to wear clothes/shoes that are comfortable to move in, or change into if you plan to dress up for your song audition

Speaking Audition:
We will NOT ask for monologs for the Saturday audition, your stage presence, projection, and enthusiasm will come through your song excerpt and some dancing. We'll save voice auditions for call-backs when you will be reading excerpts directly from the script.

For questions about the audition process and roles please contact Karen Christophersen at production@fortcollinschildrenstheatre.org.


Important Information about Working with FCCT
  1. Background Checks

    Fort Collins Children’s Theatre (FCCT) has begun implementing a background check policy, effective May 1, 2019 for all volunteers, cast, and staff 18 years of age and older. 

    If you are cast, we will require a background check. 

    Why did we decide to do this?

    • For the safety of children who are entrusted to our organization during their time with us.

    • To provide a way for FCCT to ensure we are hiring employees and obtaining volunteers who have children’s best interests in mind.

    • To abide by guidelines that are already in place at theatre companies all over the country.

      We are looking for only a few key things when we run your background check:

      -Have you been convicted of any felonies relating to weapons or harming others?
      -Have you been charged with any crime related to inappropriate behavior with children?

Vaccination Policy/Mask Policy

*In order to accomplish getting back on stage safely, we will require cast, crew, and volunteers to be vaccinated against COVID to participate in the production, this will give us a better chance to create a safe environment and help protect everyone involved in the show. You may bring your proof of vaccination to show us at the audition, and also wear your mask.

*Masks - During auditions and rehearsals, actors and staff will continue to wear masks most of the time, removing them at times when safe distances can be maintained. We will also have an air filter running during rehearsals.

Dear Edwina Character Breakdown:

6 featured roles: (These characters are on stage pretty much the whole time, backups for Edwina)

Edwina Spoonapple – An advice-giving, director/star of the Spoonapple Repertory Theatre. Confident, dramatic, ambitious, but caring beneath her drive for success

(Understudy for Edwina will also be cast, and perform at the 1:00 pm Saturday show)

Billy Vanderploonk – Friend, one of the twins, goofy, boyish, outgoing

Kelli Poshkonozovich – friend, next-door neighbor, cool ballerina but a bit snobby and likes to show off

Annie Smith Meenahan Johnson – Close friend, girl scout cookie champ, proud of her accomplishments and eager to put the things she’s learned as a girl scout to good use.

Scott – Humble and shy friend, chess player, bird watcher, in love with Edwina

Bobby Newsome – New neighbor, unfamiliar with “show business” and hesitant to join the group. Outgoing and friendly.

(One male understudy will be cast to fill in as swing for Billy, Scott, and Bobby, and perform on Saturday 1 pm)

Ensemble roles that will take on the additional roles as the advice-seekers:
(One female ensemble role will also understudy for Kelli and Annie)

Katie Spoonapple – Little sister, math whiz (last scene)
Joe/Jo Spoonapple – Older bro or sis, musical director
Myra/Myron Spoonapple – Older sis or bro, percussionist
(part of the friend's group, male or female, no lines as these characters
so could easily take on “letter” roles)
Ann VanBuren – Kalamazoo Advice-a-palooza talent scout
(written as voice at the end, but could be in person)
Uncle Vladimir – potential 11th role (would also be Hephaestus, Jerry)

Additional characters to double cast with the ensemble actors: (to be determined)
(advice seekers, part of the written letters to Edwina, stories told in songs)

Hephaestus Swenson–
Queen of Boola Boola -
Chef Ludmilla –
Fairy Forkmother –
Uncle Vladimir -
Frank the obnoxious boy -
Friend Abigail -
Friend Carrie Beachball -
Susie and the Napkins, Johnny –
Periwinkle Hurgen Burgen Jurgensson –
Lola –
Ziggy Montego and his marching band -
Cousin Mary Sue Betty Bob Spoonapple –
Farmer Jerry

Please complete the Google Form to register for auditions: https://forms.gle/jeuAJz3egbyLfkKB7