Elf Has Been Canceled

To our dear patrons, performers, staff, and friends, 


With regret, we must inform you that the Fort Collins Children’s Theatre ( FCCT) Board has voted to cancel the 2021 production of Elf: The Musical. With over a year and a half of constant change, pivots, and trying to find a sense of normalcy, this decision is perhaps the most difficult decision we’ve had to make as a board. A full spectrum of insight was brought to the table, including: re/considering vaccine testing and requirements, politics, safety, personal choice, personal protective equipment (PPE), our children, our community…and so much more.


The Coronavirus has challenged every live theatre company and the highly contagious COVID variants are ramping up infections and spreading rapidly in every state in the US. According to infectious disease expert Pia McDonald, “any large event will have risks considering the current pandemic situation.” Whatever you may be feeling and whatever thoughts you may have in regard to this heartbreaking decision, please know that the FCCT Board is unified in our passion for live theatre and the FCCT mission that we support. This decision was painful, our discussion was respectful, and our votes divided. We did our best to account for staff, performers, patrons, and our community. 


Our reality check has come in many forms, including and not limited to: 

  • the rapid spread and likely exposure of the highly contagious COVID variants

  • dramatically rising case numbers and hospitalizations

  • the very real possibility of having to cancel the show in a few months after much hard work and investment 

  • The existence and increased reports of breakthrough cases (Wall Street Journal Breakthrough Cases)

The list is growing of events that are affected or canceled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of events have been modified to remove a live audience or to be purely held over teleconference; unfortunately, we are now on this list. While some companies are doing this, this is not an option for our production. We love theater as much as you, and this is why it is frustrating when it seems like there is no end to this. This is exhausting, and yet we know there is light at the end. Your understanding means the world to us. 


It’s important as a board that we recognize the performers who have spent time, energy, and nerves preparing for an audition as it may feel like this time was wasted. FCCT assures you time wasn’t wasted, live theater will come back. The FCCT Board of Directors decision to cancel is firm, and yet we welcome your thoughts, concerns, hopes, perhaps ideas of alternatives to a large auditorium production (and if you have ideas, we hope to have your hands-on help to make these become reality), and help shape our plan moving forward. 


We welcome you to share your ideas and thoughts here: info@fortcollinschildrenstheatre.org.


Kind Regards, Fort Collins Children’s Theatre 

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