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Theatre Without Theater?! Is It Possible?

by Deanna Mae

As our global pandemic persists, we continue to experience great challenges that have affected each one of us in some capacity. So many businesses and organizations have needed to close for an indeterminate amount of time and/or face closing their doors completely. The arts community has greatly been impacted whether on stage or behind the scenes. Many creatives are scrambling to find work, discovering various outlets to express themselves, and figuring out how to make virtual experiences - all in the sake to make art happen. I know I am! As a performer, the ensemble and production team rely on the audience to connect with us as we take them on a journey through story, music, movement and timeless craft. There is something so magical when thespians connect with their audience.

So are you a performer and in need of performing?!

  1. Work on your craft by signing up for classes (online and in-person) and support local business

    1. La-De-Da (online only)- Business of Acting workshop and Summer Improv for Teens and Adults

    2. Magnolia Music Studio - study music with professionals in the areas of voice, guitar, harp, ukulele, flute or piano.

  2. Sing using karaoke tracks (I personally use YouTube!)

  3. Take a virtual dance class with a local studio

  4. Get a few friends together to host an intimate jam session online or in a safe, socially distanced way in-person.

Thankfully, many local and nationwide theatres have adopted some sort of virtual programming whereas some are adhering to the guidelines for a slow, safe reopening of their indoor entertainment venue.

Love being an audience member?! Consider supporting some local Northern Colorado theatre companies who are getting creative:

  1. Candlelight Dinner Theatre is offering 3 different shows for adults and families to enjoy

  2. BDT is currently streaming a live production and offering a socially distanced Concert Series for up to 50 people.

  3. La-De-Da got creative and turned a stage adaptation of Alice and Wonderland to a film one. A digital copy will be released on August 1st.

  4. The Lincoln Center will start back up their season in October.

Do check out other local theatre companies websites and social media such as Open Stage, Debut Theatre, Bas Bleu, Harrington Arts Alliance, Windsor Community Playhouse, and many more for more information!

Please continue to connect, stay hopeful, be safe, and get creative because “the show must go on!”

No one has paid FCCT to endorse this post. We are merely sharing resources with our community!

Deanna Mae is a community theatre performer, teacher, and owner of Playcrafter Kids who resides in Fort Collins with her daughter and furbaby. She serves on the FCCT board as Secretary and has appeared in several FCCT shows.

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