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Call for Director for Fall Production

We are in need of an independent contractor to work as DIRECTOR for our fall production. Auditions will be held in August. Rehearsals are slated to begin the week after Labor Day. The show will be the 3rd weekend in November at The Lincoln Center in Fort Collins.


  • Stay true to the FCCT Mission and Vision throughout the entire show process from beginning to end

  • Develops a concept and artistic vision for the production.

  • Assists the Producer(s) in selection of Designers and Staff (Assistant Director, Choreographer, Music Director, Costume, Lighting, Scenic, Properties, Sound, Hair & Makeup Designers Technical Director, and Stage Manager.)

  • Conducts Auditions and selects the Cast in collaboration with the Music Director & Choreographer, taking into consideration FCCT’s Audition Best Practices and especially noting the following:

    • If a parent or parents and his/her child or children auditioned together, a parent will not be cast unless the child is also cast. A child may, however, be cast without the parent.

    • During auditions, it is requested that directors note one good thing about youth auditioners and one thing they could work on for future auditions. FCCT will provide directors with forms for them to provide feedback for each auditioner during the process. After the casting process, it is FCCT’s recommendation that youth auditioners who did not get cast will be called by a member of the directing team. The calls are intended to be encouraging and supportive and to let youth know that FCCT values their talent and encourages them to audition in the future. On the calls, the caller will share what they did well in the audition, and if asked, the caller will constructively share what they may be able to improve on for the future. Calls will be divided among the directing team (and potentially also the production managers if they are in the room at the time of audition). These calls should be 2-3 minutes at most. If any auditioners would like further communication, auditioners could request more feedback from directors.

    • During the casting process, it is FCCT’s hope that directors should take into consideration FCCT’s mission* and the importance of creating a safe place. To create a safe space, directors are asked the following:

      • To consider the impact on families when one family member is cast and another is not. This does not prevent directors from casting one family member without another. However, directors are asked to consider the impact this has on families as they identify appropriate talent to be cast in productions. (The exception to this is that parents may not be cast without their children.)

      • To avoid pre-casting shows, giving preference to close friends or family members of the directors, or giving preference to members of the production team or the board.

  • Creates a Rehearsal Schedule in collaboration with the Music Director & Choreographer, taking into consideration the best practices outlined in FCCT’s hiring processes, especially:

    • Willingness to observe and respect FCCT’s vision of how the audition, rehearsal, and performance processes adhere to the organization’s values

    • Willingness to schedule in a way that values all cast members’ time

  • Attends Production Meetings with the Designers & Producer(s) to communicate the artistic vision and requirements for the show. Collaborates with Designers to realize this artistic vision.

  • Works with the Producer(s), Technical Director and Designers to set deadlines for completion of costumes, lighting design, props and scenic elements.

  • Runs all staging rehearsals, teaches the Cast their blocking & guides them to develop engaging & believable characters and relationships that further the artistic vision of the show.

  • Fosters a physically & emotionally safe and creative environment and a spirit of collaboration amongst the Cast, Staff & Crew.

  • Works in collaboration with the Music Director & Choreographer to incorporate choreographic & musical elements of the show.

  • Attends set in and technical rehearsals to ensure that the concept of the show is transferred from rehearsal setting to the stage.

  • Conducts a warm-up prior to each performance or assigns someone to do so.

This is not an exhaustive list of responsibilities but an overview of the role.

If you have worked with us before and are interested in being part of our fall production team, please send an email to to express your interest.

If you have not worked with FCCT before and are interested in being part of our fall production team, please send your resume and let us know why you’re a good fit for FCCT. Please send this to

FCCT Mission: Engaging youth and adults through theatrical experiences in order to enrich, entertain, and inspire.

FCCT Vision: We see ourselves nourishing the lives of every member of our community through theatre by weaving together the talents and aspirations of creators, learners, and audiences. By 2026, we will:

  • Be the most nurturing theatre company in the region

  • Increase financial sustainability to expand programming and performances

  • Expand opportunities to foster talent and be seen by the community

Non-Discrimination Policy: Fort Collins Children’s Theatre does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, military status, genetic information, sexual orientation, transgender status including gender identity or expression, pregnancy, or marital status in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our Board of Directors, clients, volunteers, contractors, vendors, and program participants.

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