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Finding Nemo!!

The Finding Nemo Jr. Junior and Senior casts at the April "Meet and Greet"!!

Now scripts are in hand and audition videos are being created!

Our Director this year for both casts is Allen Edwards - a theatre tech guy with experience in directing high school productions and summer arts camps!

Juniors (ages 10-14) cast:

Music Director is Wendy Nurton - a Loveland Music Teacher, and our accompanist for our fall productions

Choreographer is Savannah Svoboda - owner/manager of "Full Expression" Dance and our fall production choreographer

Seniors (ages 12-17) cast:

Music Director is Aimee Woods - Music Teacher and long time music director for our fall productions. Choreographer is Miranda Noonan - Owner/Director of the "Dance Department" in Windsor and our Story Theatre Director

Costumes, props and set pieces are well underway being created by an awesome production team!

Mark your calendars!

Performances are June 21-23

2 casts, 6 shows to choose from, tickets on sale at the Lincoln Center now!

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